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Battery Yuasa Ytx20l-bs Harley Davidson Fxst Softail Standard 1450 From 2000 To 2003

Battery Yuasa Ytx20l-bs Harley Davidson Fxst Softail Standard 1450 From 2000 To 2003
Battery Yuasa Ytx20l-bs Harley Davidson Fxst Softail Standard 1450 From 2000 To 2003

Battery Yuasa Ytx20l-bs Harley Davidson Fxst Softail Standard 1450 From 2000 To 2003    Battery Yuasa Ytx20l-bs Harley Davidson Fxst Softail Standard 1450 From 2000 To 2003

This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Original Battery yuasa YTX20L-bs 12v 18.9ah agm technology - first equipment. Original battery yuasa YTX20L-bs (sealed with acid supplied).

Inrush current a / in: 270 amps. Ah capacity (20hr): 18.9. With acid weight: 6.70 kg. Acid volume: 0.93 liter. Load current: 1.8 amps.

Measurements (mm): 175 x 87 x 155. Batteries yuasa motorcycles, VRLA series. Vrla (valve regulated lead acid) means a battery that is perfect for those who have better things to do than to think about battery maintenance! Sealed VRLA battery yuasa, once inserted acid, requires no addition.

Ideal for motorcycles, scooters, mountain bikes, lawn tractors and jet skis. Waterproof design which minimizes the possibility of leakage of acid. Advanced lead-calcium technology increases the starting power. Technologies anti-sulfation they minimize the deterioration of the plate.

Long life batteries will last up to three times longer than conventional batteries. Exceptional resistance to vibration makes batteries yuasa the most reliable on the market. In addition, VRLA maintain tension longer and require less load on standby and during storage. Main applications (we recommend checking the identification of the battery). Outlander max ho efi 400.

Outlander max xt efi ho ho 400. Outlander max ho efi 650. Outlander max xt efi ho ho 650.

Outlander i Outlander max 800 efi efi ho Outlander 800 max xt efi ho ho 800. Outlander xt efi 800 XL / XLH sportster 883 hugger sportster custom Xl53c 883.

XLH sportster custom 883 sportster custom Xlc 1200. VRSCDX night rod special 1250 . Heritage FLST softail heritage softail classic 1340. FLSTC heritage softail classic (nonus) 1340.

FLSTF FLSTF fat boy fat boy (nonus) 1340. FLSTN heritage softail heritage softail nostalgia 1340. Special Special FLSTN heritage softail (nonus) 1340. FLSTS heritage springer (nonus) 1340.

Fxd dyna super glide 1340. FXDB dyna glide daytona 1340.

FXDB dyna glide sturgis 1340. FXDC dyna glide custom FXDL dyna 1340. FXDL dyna low rider 1340. FXDS dyna convertible FXDS dyna low rider convertible 1340. FXDWG dyna wide glide 1340. FXSTB night Train 1340 softail FXSTB (nonus) 1340. FLSTC heritage softail classic 1450. FLSTCI heritage softail classic f / i 1450. FLSTF fat boy fat boy FLSTFI 1450.

Flsti heritage softail heritage softail 1450. Flsti f / i 1450 . FLSTN softail deluxe 1450 softail deluxe FLSTNI f / i 1450. Flstsc softail springer softail springer classic 1450.

Flstsci classic f / i 1450. Flstsi heritage spriger f / i 1450. Fxd dyna super glide 1450.

FXDB dyna street bob 1450. Fxdbi dyna street bob f / i 1450. FXDC dyna super glide custom 1450. Fxdci dyna super glide custom f / i 1450. Fxdi dyna super glide Super 1450. Glide f / i 1450. FXDL dyna low rider 1450. Fxdli low rider dyna f / i 1450.

FXDWG dyna wide glide 1450. Fxdwgi Dyna Wide Glide f / i 1450.

FXDX dyna super glide sports Fxdxi 1450. Dyna super glide sports fi FXDXT 1450. Dyna super glide t-Sports 1450 FXST Softail Standard 1450 1450. Fxstbi FXSTB night train night train fi 1450 .

Fxstdi softail deuce softail standard Fxsti 1450. Springer softail springer softail 1450. Fxstsi fi FLSTC heritage softail classic 1450. FLSTF fat boy Flstfb softail fat boy lo 1584.

Fxd dyna super glide 1584. FXDB dyna street bob 1584. FXDC dyna super glide custom 1584 FXDF fat bob dyna low rider FXDL 1584.

FXDWG dyna wide glide softail Fxs blackline softail standard FXST 1584. FXSTB night Train softail custom FXSTC 1584. Fld dyna switchback 1690 softail slim Fls 1690.

FLSTC classical heritage softail fat boy FLSTF 1690. Flstfb softail fat boy lo FLSTN softail Special 1690 deluxe 1690. FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide 1690. Fltrse3 cvo road glide 1800.

Fxdfse cvo fat bob 1800. Cbx super sports 6 eyelash. Gold wing gl (SC47) 1800. Gl gold wing F6B 1800.

MXU 2x4 - 4x4 500. California (kc / kd) 1100. California ev - touring ev ( kdg00) 1100. California ev ft (kd) 1100. Metal California (kd) 1100 California Special (kd) 1100 California Special Sport (kd) 1100.

Thunderbird / 1600 Thunderbird is big bore / storm 1700. Yfm grizzly / hunter 2wd 450.

Yfm grizzly / hunter 4WD 450. Yfm kodiak self 4x4 450. Yfm f grizzly fi auto 4x4 700. Yfm f grizzly fi auto 4x4 eps 700. Xvs star midnight (vp261) (11c1 / 11c2) 1300. Xvs star midnight (vp264) (11c5 / 11C7 / 11c9) 1300. Xvs star midnight (vp266) (1cs1 / 1cs5 / 1cs6) 1300. Xvs cu custom (vp361) (2ss) 1300.

XVZ royal star (4nk / 4yp) 1300. XVZ Royal star boulevard (vp09 ) 1300. XVZ royal star midnight XVZ 1300.

Royal star venture (vp09) 1300. Xv wild star (5JA) 1600. All prices are for the public and therefore include VAT. For tax registration purposes, subsequent requests (after the order or more) will be rejected. The preparation of the order takes about 1 to 2 working days from the first business day following the record date of purchase. Delivery takes place in the following 24/48 hours, excluding Saturdays and Sundays mail gls or dhl.

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Therefore, if the returned goods are damaged eg authenticity and the security seal label, wear, abrasions, scratches, deformations, etc. They are not complete with all their parts and accessories (including labels and tags unchanged and attached to the product), unaccompanied instructions / notes / manuals seals, packaging and the original packaging and certificate of guarantee, if any, you will be responsible for the decrease in the value of the asset, and you are entitled to a refund du'montant equal to the residual value of the product. To this end, therefore, you are asked not to manipulate the goods beyond what is strictly necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning and to cover the original product packaging with another protective packaging that preserves its integrity and protection. During transport also in writing or labels.

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Codice original ricambio ow / oem. Sigillata acid has con corredo. The item \, ignition \ batteries. \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands.

  1. brand: yuasa <\/ li>
  2. Original spare code ow / oem: sealed Lacide keychain <\/ li>
  3. manufacturer part number: 065 209 ytx20lbs <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Battery Yuasa Ytx20l-bs Harley Davidson Fxst Softail Standard 1450 From 2000 To 2003    Battery Yuasa Ytx20l-bs Harley Davidson Fxst Softail Standard 1450 From 2000 To 2003